Haven’t Blogged in a While.

Sorry for not updating my blog, guys! I’ve just been very busy getting ready for this new school that I’ve been accepted to.  It’s just been really weird trying to get this through my skull, but oh well.  To be honest, I’m excited that my school has so many workout programs and a nice LGBT club.  So, I’m stoked about that!

Anywho, I feel like I should talk a little bit about things that have been going on.  First and foremost, I met this girl, and she’s the sweetest thing on the planet.  We seem to be on the same wavelength, and it’s fun to think that she could be the one.  She’s just awesome.  I’m not going to give too much away, but we’ve been talking for about 2 weeks now, and we’ve been supporting each other, just like how I would like it.  She’s also modified too, and that makes it all the better.  Perhaps we could get tattoos or something together.

Another thing that’s happened to me is that I got a new phone that I could possibly blog on, so that’s a bonus.

Um, other than that, I’ve been busy with life things, and my life may be changing in the blink of an eye… But I’m prepared for it, nonetheless, so yeah.  That’s all I really have to talk about right now…


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