Reflecting on Things.

My friend is attempting to set me up with one of her friends, and I’m nervous.  Like, I’m really nervous.  I haven’t had a girlfriend in well over 2 years, and the last time I had one, it only lasted 3 months.  Don’t worry, we ended things on good terms (I think?).

After having a boyfriend, I realized that what I really liked was girls; the only reason why I decided on dating this guy was because he was considered to be a man of a feminine nature.  It hurt me when I broke things off, considering I lost a best friend, but it was for the best.  I wasn’t going to lie about my sexuality for another second, and it would’ve been unfair to him.  So, I had to end the relationship.

I also had to hide my religion from him, which is a huge part of my life.  I think that he was a devout Christian because I came into his life.  But to be honest, he might question his religion now.  I don’t mean for him to question his religion, but if he does so, then maybe he might get me a little more.  I don’t know…

But I would like to find someone who is a Wiccan, who is a girl, and who loves me for me.  You know?


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